Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod


     - all primary characters replaced with advent children complete style both field and battle

     - AC cloud and AC cid style on world map

     - chocobo replaced with fenrir on world map

     - slightly hard difficulty

     - new menu icons and start menu

     - new battle monsters taken from crisis core


                                                                 FF7 Advent Children Complete Mod


i would like to thanks the following:

- mire'x biturn

- borde's kimera

- Pcreator created by Reunion

- Mr.Adults for creating a powerful tool that can export dissidia and crisis core models, the Mesh2rdm

- refoopseman

- ultima espio

- neocloudstrife

- grimmy

- polaris

- trishty

- slayersnext

- And to give my special thanks to Square Enix for creating this great game.

                                                   Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod